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Weighted blankets have been found to be beneficial for individuals with Autism,Aspergers,Sensory Processing Disorder,AnxietyInsomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome,ADHD,ADD, Dementia, and PTSD. Weighted blankets help people to relax and calm down without drug therapy. They provide proprioceptive input to the brain and releases a hormone called serotonin which is a calming chemical in the body.

A weighted blanket is like a big hug.

How we make our blankets

Benefits of a weighted blanket

Our Weighted Blankets are made with quality fleece material. They are triple lined and quilted on the inside. They are weighted with poly pellets which are distributed evenly throughout the blanket. Our blankets measure approximately 44" x 72". The finished blanket fits on a twin bed. We also make Weighted throws, Weighted lap pads and Weighted dental blankets.

We also carry Medical Grade Material for our Weighted Blankets. Our Medical Grade Weighted Blankets are being used in hospitals, group homes and also dentist offices. Our dental Weighted Blankets are being used to calm patients and help them to rid their anxiety of being in the dental chair. Oral surgeons are also using them. They help their patients ease into oral surgery with less anxiety and to wake calmly after their surgery. Not only are they fluid proof, but they can be wiped down with germicide or even washed. The Medical Grade Weighted Blankets are the same dimensions as a regular Weighted Blanket. They measure approximately 44" x 72".  The dentist blankets measure approximately 36" x 65". 

Medical grade material

‚ÄčOur weighted blankets are made in a SMOKE FREE and PET FREE environment.

**All individual users should be able to remove a weighted blanket on their own.  

Weighted Blankets shouldNEVERbe used as restraining devises!**

Quality Weighted Products at an Affordable Price